The MedRep Mobile Application serves as an educative, informative & collaborative platform for the Physicians that they can use to Brand themselves and better serve their patients. With the MedRep Mobile Application, physicians have an ease of use when it comes to accessing latest information in terms of Latest Industry Developments, Newly released and upcoming medical care technologies and can have ready access to a drug dictionary that aims at providing them with access to the right drug at the right time for the right disease.

Furthermore, the MedRep Mobile and Web Application hopes to act as a forum where various Physicians can meet and indulge in knowledge sharing. Physicians can also contribute to the community by evangelising their existing experience and knowledge. This sort of a ready access to their peers experiential advises can help the Physicians in their Consultation practices.

The Physicians can also aim at working much more closely with the Healthcare companies and enhance their ongoing survey research efforts by sharing their knowledge on the subject, providing the healthcare industry with better insights into their outcome programmes. They can also have ready and comprehensive information on the release of a new product and call for samples with just a click on their Mobile Device. They also have the option of interacting directly with the Medical representative and schedule their meeting time according to their time and location availability.

MedRep is also going to be included with an e-Clinic presence that allows Physicians to reach out to patients even in the most remote locations of India, in order to enable their healthcare expertise to reach a wider audience from the convenience of their present clinics and homes.

Below are the key features that the MedRep Application offers to the Physicians:

  • Connect, Share, Transform and Serve along with your Peers and the Healthcare companies to offer better consultation to your patients
  • Access to Complete Drug Dictionary
  • Forum to grow personal Brand value
  • Convenient and immediate access to newly released drugs and medical devices
  • Call for Product Samples with just a click of a button
  • Become an Industry Evangelist by sharing your experiential knowledge, publications etc., with the community
  • Organize your medical Representative meetings using the MedRep Mobile App
  • Increased Patient Outreach using MedRep’s e-Clinic presence
  • Have access to a plethora of Industry news to update your current knowledgebases