The present Indian healthcare industry is facing many challenges. Some of them recede their intent of enabling better healthcare offerings to Patients. Within this tumultuous environment, patients end up suffering the most. With MedRep, patients are now empowered with transformative information to enable them with effective self-care knowledge. They now have an information repository that enables them to understand in an easy yet detailed manner about the medicines and drugs they take on a daily basis, and allows them to compare the same with other competitive drugs in the market to understand the difference.

There is a rising problem in the market to which most of the patients are unaware. It is the counterfeit drug market. In such a case, a patient unknowingly has a medicine without it doing any good to them. This medicine has the look and feel ofthe real one, but for all they know, it might just be a sugar pill. Hence their treatment effectiveness is lessened and the weeds in the Healthcare supply chain make tonnes of money out of that.

The Pharmaceutical companies and the government, are working hard to abolish this rapidly growing market. But, their visibility within the Supply chain is limited after a while. With MedRep’s Drug Authentication tool, the patient can verify that the medicine that they have is a genuine one or not. They also have the ability to pass on the information of any spurious or duplicate medicine that they encounter, to the Pharmaceutical Companies and the Regulatory bodies.

The MedRep Mobile Application offers Information Consumers and/or Patients the following features:

  • Purchasing Authentic Drugs
  • Access to Drug and Generic Drug information repository to compare the treatment pros & cons of various drugs
  • Latest news in the Medical community in terms of recent new technologies, recent developments and evolution in the Healthcare
  • Facilitate better self-careand self-management by having access to disease related best practice documents, videos, blogs, articles etc.