Key Focus Areas


Erfolg Life Sciences specializes in effectively assimilating Data from the above mentioned sources to derive actionable Analytics and Insights to assist Pharmaceutical Companies in Business Decision making. Erfolg’s “MedRep” Application has innovative offerings in the Healthcare Analytics domain.

With the world moving towards digitalization of data, Indian Healthcare Ecosystem is yet to effectively and unanimously adopt this system. This fact adversely affects both the End Consumers (Patients), and the Manufacturers (Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Manufacturers/Bio Technology Companies). We believe that insights into the market and the entire ecosystem only comes with effective data assimilation and robust analysis of the said data.

Mobile Detailing

Erfolg’s flagship Product, the MedRep Mobile Application, was incepted with the prime intent of creating a tightly integrating ecosystem by connecting Pharma Companies & their Medical Representatives to Physicians, Pharmacies & Patients and provide an easy Detailing mechanism. This helps Pharmaceutical Companies & Medical Device Manufacturers, to promote their Products to Physicians & save costs ∓ time.

Doctor Collaboration Portal

Erfolg’s Physician Collaboration Portal is scheduled for future launch and would host therapeutically aligned communities for Physicians and targets to have a database of 8 million registered physicians. This Collaboration Portal provides the Marketers a unique opportunity to target their Closed Loop Marketing efforts within this select group.

MedRep’s Future Release

Negating Counterfeit Drugs

To negate the growing menace of the Spurious Drug Industry, Erfolg’s future product enhancements will provide the Regulators and Healthcare Companies, the unique ability to track and trace a product through the forward supply chain.

e-Clinics Presence

To improve Patient Outreach & Increase the Doctor to Patient Ratio especially within rural areas in India thereby, providing efficient Healthcare Services using Erfolg’s e-Clinic Concept