Erfolg – A Healthcare Collaboration, Analytics & Insights Company

With the Indian Healthcare market’s digitalization still in its adolescence, there is an urgent need to quickly streamline Healthcare Activities that address issues that are beyond just Patient Record Management.

Key issues such as:

  • Outreach of the Pharmaceutical Products/ Medical Devices to the market
  • Focused Mobile Detailing Activities and conversion of the same to effective Actionable Analytical Data
  • Sufficing and bridging the Doctor to Patient Ratio in India
  • Real-time Health Care Analytics using prescriptive analysis at the Point-of-Care (Physicians)
  • Eliminating the business & health detrimental spurious drug market.

Erfolg Analytical Platform provides a Collaborative and Analytical Platform that offers the Healthcare Industry Insights into critical Drug/Medical Device Sales and Usage data by connecting the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies with Pharmacies, Distributors, Physicians and Patients. The integrated Real-World Data is analysed and converted into Analytical and actionable information for the Companies for Effectiveness and Economic Analyses.

Erfolg’s Analytical Platform through its Collaborative & Data Partnership Forum, offers the following key features:

  • Marketing Intelligence & Analytics
  • Sales Effectiveness & Evidence
  • Marketing & Sales Reports
  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
  • Real Time Heath Care Analytics