The MedRep Mobile/ Web Application stands as an enabler to the existing Marketing efforts of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing companies. Using the MedRep MobileApplications, the Healthcare companies can reach out to more number of Physicians in a shorter span of time which was so far limited by the daily reachability of the medical representatives. Plus, using an e-Detailing Application such as MedRep, can significantly reduce the wait time of the Medical representatives, resulting in more sales calls.

MedRep is technically capable of presenting the information in all media formats and can assist the Marketing teams to present information in a much more comprehensive manner in order to enable physicians with a comprehensive knowledge of the product that is mostly not possible with the limited face time that medical representative get.

Apart from the complementing the marketing efforts of the healthcare organizations, the MedRep Mobile app also enable them to effectively track Physician request for samples by connecting the Physicians directly with e medical representative. This integration also allows the physician to share his feedback on the product in real time with the relevant healthcare companies.

The MedRep Mobile and Web Application also allows the healthcare companies to effectively run out Surveys and offers them a dashboard to analyse the same. The advantage of a Mobile application like MedRep is that, it allows Healthcare companies access to a larger Physician database and enables more competent survey reports.

The future of the MedRep Application, will also include Real-time Analytics on the Prescription level data to help Pharmaceutical and Medical Devicemanufacturing companies in understanding drug sale andPatient health outcomes.

Below are the key features that the MedRep Application offers to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing Companies:

  • e-Detailing portal for launching new products
  • Medical representative appointment scheduling and tracking tool
  • New product feedback form Physicians
  • Survey Distribution and Analysis Tool
  • Physician Competitor Analysis
  • Ability to run various marketing campaigns to a large pool of registered physicians on the MedRep Mobile App
  • Real-time Analytics using the data received from MedRep’s e-Prescription tool for Physicians
  • Tracking and negating the counterfeit drug dealers using the data from MedRep’s Drug Validation Tool for Patients
  • Penetrate into deeper markets with increased Patient Outreach using MedRep’s e-Clinic presence.